Past Projects

—out-of-line— (2019- )

Happenings/ Exhibitions/ Projects

2019: —out-of-line— 1.0 

A virtual exhibition space employing the mobile device and the act of calling to showcase sound and text-based works by eight artists. 


Sonam/ Suvani Suri/ Kaushal Sapre/ Shiv Ahuja/ Priyank Gothwal/ Priyesh Gothwal/  Jayant Manchanda/ Abhaydev Praful/ Jaidev Deshpande

2019: —out-of-line— Night/ Gathering

A night of gathering together of artists, musicians and listeners in Delhi, with live calls, sound jams, discussions, catching up and opening out the process of making -ool-. 

2019: —out-of-line— 2.0 

An on-site iteration of -ool- as part of a group show- Real Time Tactics curated by Mila Samdub, in the context of The earth is still going around the sun : CISA 2019 Exhibitions, a project by Khoj International Artists’ Association, at IIC, New Delhi. 


Sonam/ Suvani Suri/ Kaushal Sapre/ Agat Sharma/ Sibdas Sengupta/ Shiv Ahuja/ Jaidev Deshpande/ Himanshu Bablani

2020: —out-of-line— Project Anywhere 

Featured in Project Anywhere, a global blind peer reviewed exhibition platform dedicated to artistic research at the outermost limits of location-specificity.